Tata Laksana Profesi TALAPRO

Tata Laksana Profesi TALAPRO
Tata Laksana Profesi TALAPRO


Tata Laksana Profesi TALAPRO: The Birthday

The modern profession of landscape architecture, according to Norman T. Newton, began with the design of Central Park in New York City by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux (Newton 1971). May 1863 is considered by Newton to be the founding date for the profession. On May 12, 1863, Frederick Law Olmsted Sr. and Calvert Vaux resigned their positions as designers of New York’s Central Park and signed their resignation letter “Olmsted and Vaux, Landscape Architects.” This is the first official use of the title Landscape Architect and “serves to establish the date, perhaps better than any other, as the birthday of the profession of landscape architecture” (Newton 1971, 273).


Tata Laksana Profesi TALAPRO: The Definition

  • Landscape Architecture is the profession which applies artistic and scientific principles to the research, planning, design, and management of both natural and built environments.
  • Practitioners of this profession apply creative and technical skills and scientific, cultural, and political knowledge in the planned arrangement of natural and constructed elements on the land with a concern for the stewardship and conservation of natural, constructed and human resources.
  • The resulting environments shall serve useful, aesthetic, safe, and enjoyable purposes.


Tata Laksana Profesi TALAPRO: The Lecture Material

13Project Management 2017

14The Professional Practice LA 2017


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