My Paper about Pekarangan Revitalization has been published.

My paper entitled “Revitalizing Pekarangan Home Gardens, a Small Agroforestry Landscape for a Low Carbon Society” was published in Hikobia 16: 161–171 on December 2012.

Here is the abstract:

The development of small agroforestry landscapes for low carbon societies can resolve environmental problems in rural areas, particularly in developing countries. Inadequate landscape management practices may suppress economic, social and
ecological development in rural marginal communities. Therefore by revitalizing small agroforestry systems such as pekarangan, marginal communities have the possibility to advance economically, socially and ecologically. The aim of this research is to develop an original environmental service concept around the small agroforestry landscape of pekarangan, a home garden landscape. Those environmental services of pekarangan are (1) biodiversity conservation, (2) carbon stock accumulation, (3) economic resource possession and (4) additional nutrition for humans. It was found pekarangan has high biodiversity and carbon stock may account for up to 20% of forest landscape, while total income could be increased by up to 12.9%. Finally it was recorded that pekarangan may provide 2.0% of daily calorie intake.

If you are interested, please download in the link below.

Kaswanto and Nakagoshi 2012 Hikobia 16_161-171 OK.

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