Last Snow in 2009

This picture was taken just this morning, at 8 am, near my apartment. This was the last snow in the year of 2009. It’s so beautiful, but indeed it’s so cool (I mean its really cool, the temperature was -3 degree at that time). No wonder some people say that the snow like a diamond, its like fun to make into snowballs and chuck them at people, and also snow is soft like a warm fuzzy blanket. But, when we touch them.. this beautiful snow become a nightmare, like the older people say about snows. And also some young people always  say about them 1) it’s cold 2) it’s wet and 3) it causes chaos on the roads….

Hua ha ha

But, still for me it always amazing creatures of this gorgeous world.

How much snow?

Did you know that snow takes up much more space than the same amount of water? You can test this by collecting snow in a container such as a glass. Mark the level of the snow on a piece of paper. When the snow melts, measure how much water it has turned into. You will be surprised by how little it is.

If you were a climber on a mountain, think how much snow you would have to melt to get enough drinking water! Do you think this is true for animals too?

Snow fact: In general, snow takes up to ten times the amount of space that rain does. So 10 cm of snow would equal about 1 cm of rain! Because snow takes up a lot of space, snow piles up quickly on the ground. (