ICARD FAPERTA UNTIRTA 2019 akan diselenggarakan selama dua hari pada tanggal 8 dan 9 Agustus 2019 berlokasi di Hotel Horison Ultima Ratu Serang Baten. Informasi lebih lengkap kunjungi website ICARD FAPERTA UNTIRTA 2019. Sebagai forum ilmiah, Konferensi Internasional Pertama tentang Pertanian dan Pembangunan Pedesaan (ICARD) dimaksudkan untuk berbagi pengetahuan, menyatukan ide-ide dan menemukan strategi yang cocok untuk pertanian berkelanjutan dengan memberdayakan potensi daerah pedesaan di bawah isu-isu global dan lokal.


Agriculture sector has huge potential in terms of increasing added value in primary production through processing. In addition, the value of agricultural production (together with production in the Forestry and Fisheries Sectors) contributed significantly to drive the economy to the future especially for the society in rural areas. However, rural poverty and unemployment are two of the most critical issues right now and predicted continuous for some years to come. Furthermore, food security is another critical issue that should also be given distinctive consideration.

On the other hand, the development of agriculture and economic progress of the community, especially in rural areas, requires scientific studies and the application of extensive research results.

As a scientific forum, the 1st International Conference on Agriculture and Rural Development (ICARD) is intended to share knowledge, unite ideas, and find out suitable strategies for sustainable agriculture with empowering potency of rural area under global and local issues.


This international conference will discuss various scopes as follow:

  • Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  • Agribusiness, Agricultural, and Resource Economics
  • Fishery and Marine Sciences
  • Forestry / Silviculture
  • Food Sciences and Agricultural Product Technology

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