Fundamentals of LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE is offered in order the students understand that outer space set up should be based on the right consideration with a background of knowledge about nature to reach human welfare and comfortable yet still provide the environmental sustainability. This lecture can give comprehension to students how the complete process of planning, designing, implementing until managing a landscape can be done with a functional and aesthetic approach.

The schedule of Practical Class for one semester as follow:

ARL200 MG 1 02

ARL200 MG 1 03

1. Definition of Landscape

Landscape is the face and character of the land/site that is part of the Earth with all the activities of life and everything in it; natural, non-natural or both, which is a part or the total of human living environment along with other beings, as far as the eye can see, as far as all our senses can catch and as far as the imagination can conjure.

2. Types of Landscapes

Pekarangan (Home Garden)
Roof Garden
Vertical Garden
Therapeutic Garden
Neighborhood Park
Community Park
Pocket Park
National Park
Urban Landscape
Rural Landscape
Agricultural Landscape
Historical Landscape
Forestry Landscape
Coastal Landscape
Mountainous Landscape
Tourism Landscape
Traffic Island

3. Scope of Landscapes


4. The 1st Week  Assignment

1.Students are assigned to make a synopsis about the explanation of the 1st week,

2.Synopsis is arranged individually,

3.Students choose one topic (one type of landscape),

4.The synopsis is written by hand writing in A4 paper, landscape layout, two pages, ENGLISH.

5.Synopsis format follows scientific writing IMRAD: Title, Introduction (Background and Objectives), Method, Result and Discussion.

6.The assignment should be reported before the 2nd week practical class begin. Late report will not be counted.

7.Contribution is 5% to Total 100%


Write down in your notebook, time 7,5 minutes, upload.
1. What did you know about “LANDSCAPE”?
2. What are your expectations about this PRACTICAL CLASS?
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Download the lecture material here:

MG PR 01 Introduction ENG ARL200 2017 KAS


The 2nd Week Assignment:

MG PR 02 Historical Landscape ENG ARL200 2017 KAS