Construction for Saijo Station

Start from October 2011, construction of pedestrian passage of Saijo Station has been begun. As stated in Higashi Hiroshima City newsletter, this construction will be finished around 2014. So, it still 2 years to go. And unfortunately, I am probably do not have any chance to see this new construction, coz I have to go back to my country on 2012.  By the way, actually this construction is to build a pedestrian passage between the north and south sides of station. Currently, only one exit is provided in this station, so this is not so convenience. Furthermore, there is no elevator. So, you can imagine when there is a disable person come to take a train. It is really uncomfortable for them. So, I hope it will change my point of view when this construction is finished.

Announcement for Saijo Station Renovation

When I take a look on their design. It is really cool!! They will change it to something different! I am really amaze with this. The statement about Saijo Station is located in countryside will be changed! It is like an urban station! They absolutely have four or more floors, they probably it will be used as department store, or shopping mall, or restaurant or anything. I hope it will be get better!!!

The Master Plan of Saijo Station
The Master Plan of Saijo Station (copyright belong to Higashi Hiroshima City Office)
The situation on early November 2011

I will try to post the progress of this construction at least twice in one semester! I hope you enjoy my story about Saijo Station.