Ayo Tulis Paper Bareng di PLANINK

PLANINK – International Conference on Urban and Regional Planning, 4-5 March 2013.

Ada yang mau nulis paper bareng ngga? Kabarin yah..

Detailnya silahkan klik di bawah ini yah… Terimakasih..


Theme of the conference expanded to some discourses of urban and regional planning issues related to disaster, technology, globalization, creative action in addressing to the recent issues of urban and regional development, as following:

1. Living with Disaster

Recent research regarding disaster risk mapping, ideas of mitigation and adaptation strategies to natural disasters, research on parametric and non-parametric, local wisdom and social capital related to disaster management can be accommodated in this sub theme. We invite researchers and practitioners from the fields of Urban and Regional Plannning, Geomathic, Architecture, Sociology, and other related fields.

2. Technology for Urban Living

Technologies provide a great opportunity to be applied in mitigating natural disasters. Research and applied studies on urban and regional infrastructure, urban utilities, and on sustainable transportation could be presented. We invite researchers and practitioners in various fields of science and enginnering (Environmental, Physics and Other Basic Sciences, Materials Engineering, and Civil Engineering) to sharing knowledges in this conference.

3. Local Action in Global Arena

This topic regarding teh public policy on capturing opportunities in global economy shifting and advancing the city by maintaining local identity, networking among global cities, and any studies about city marketing. We invite researchers and practitioners from the fields of Urban Management, Planning, and other relevant study fields.

4. Creative City

This paradigm suggests concepts how to think, plan, and act actively and effectively in generating innovation and creativities of the citizen and apparatus of the city. Increasingly complex and uncertain issue of urban planning in the future, allowing a wide range community action for the city, with a creative and innovative action. Some case of real and unique action in many cities in the world would be very useful experiences to be discussed. We invite practitioners from both non-governmental and governmental institutions, and urban communities also.


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