Tugas VI Menjaskap 2018

19 03 2018


Tugas VI Menjaskap 2018

Tugas VI Menjaskap 2018

Tugas VI Menjaskap 2018 diberikan agar mahasiswa memahami 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) dalam kaitannya dengan manajemen jasa lanskap sehingga dapat menjadi nilai tambah dalam proses perencanaan, perancangan dan pengelolaan sebuah lanskap.


LS Supply Types

  1. Supply services of physical assets that produce direct benefits to people
  2. Services carried out by ecosystems in regulating environmental processes
  3. Support services, which do not provide direct benefit to people but are required for functioning of ecosystems
  4. Services related to cultural and spiritual needs of the community


Cultural Landscape Services

  1. The intangible benefits that people receive from ecosystems through spiritual enrichment, cognitive development, reflection, recreation and aesthetics experience, including cultural systems, social relations and the aesthetic value.
  2. The contribution of the ecosystem to the intangible benefits (experience, skills) that people derive from human-ecological relationships.
  3. Those which satisfy the needs of daily life, as a function of information, as gratification services, as comfort services, or as services for satisfaction of socio-cultural needs.

Cultural Landscape Services (CLS) is important because CLS constitute an important category of services at a landscape scale, as they are able to express the “sense” of a place and the identity of a community interacting over time in a specific area. Physical, emotional and psychological benefits of cultural products are often only implicitly expressed through indirect manifestations. CLS are treated as a residual category since they are difficult to assess –> Therefore poorly integrated in landscape management plans.




Tugas Analisis

  1. Tentukan SDGs yang berkaitan dengan topik penelitian Anda.
  2. Berikan penjelasan yang jelas, lugas dan argumentatif mengapa SDGs tersebut sangat relevan bagi penelitian Anda.

Jawaban ditulis pada blog kaswanto.staff.ipb.ac.id paling lambat sebelum UTS minggu depan dimulai.



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