5 02 2010

This e-book is strongly recommended to read for everyone. This is the original and complete book written in 1937 by Napoleon Hill that more millionaires attribute their wealth to than any other cause. It has become the success guide for world’s wealthiest and most successful men and women.

Hill studied some of the most affluent men and women of his day, and created his famous formula for moneymaking: “You can learn to acquire vast amounts of wealth by learning to think like the men and women who have already achieved wealth and success”.

Now you own Think and Grow Rich, a simple, practical, step-by-step guide that any person can follow to achieve success and monetary goals.

With it you will learn to…
− achieve your goals and ambitions using as 13-step Powerful Proven strategy.
− develop a meaningful purpose in life that you’re genuinely excited about.
− think like someone who has already achieved wealth and success.
− reach your goals and fulfill your highest potential
− live happily by using the power of your mind.
− harness the awesome mental magic of your mind and transform your dreams into reality.
− gain confidence in everything you do at work or home.
− eliminate any fear that may be holding you back.
− stimulate your mind to create and attract success to you.
− access “Infinite Intelligence” to help you make better decisions.
− realize that there are no limitations to what you can accomplish.
− develop laser sharp focus and attention.

The book has served as a cornerstone to the motivational era, and every successful person’s library has at least one copy of Think and Grow Rich on its shelves. It contains money-making secrets that can change your life.

I hope you’ll read it, digest it, and let it work it’s magic on you!


Regan Leonardus



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