National Geographic The Incredible Human Machine

27 03 2010

FiCO group has released dvdrip of National Geographic’s The Incredible Human Machine documentary from 2007. Plot: National Geographic: Incredible Human Machine takes viewers on a two-hour journey through an ordinary, and extraordinary, day-in-the-life of the human machine. With stunning high-definition footage, radical scientific advances and powerful firsthand accounts, Incredible Human Machine plunges deep into the routine marvels of the human body. Through 10,000 blinks of an eye, 20,000 breaths of air and 100,000 beats of the heart, see the amazing and surprising, even phenomenal inner workings of our bodies on a typical day. And explore striking feats of medical advancement, from glimpses of an open-brain surgery to real-time measurement of rocker Steven Tyler’s vocal chords.

Genre: Documentary
IMDB rating: 8.0/10 (63 votes)
Directed by: Arthur F. Binkowski, Chad Cohen
Starring: Craig Sechler, Steven Tyler, Diana Cherkas

Release Name:
Size: 714.16 MB
Quality: 592×320, 876 kbit/s, mp3 audio 130 kbit/s
Runtime: 120 minutes
Filename: fico-ngtihm

Links: IMDB, Homepage
Samples: Video sample
NFO: Here

Download: Part1 | Part2



One response to “National Geographic The Incredible Human Machine”

20 09 2017
Katharina (02:38:00) :

I’m however baffled concerning the comprehensive combining a small children’s myth novel with a science museum notion. However whatevs

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