Recently, I just always take a round trip from my apartment to Hiroshima University campus. Every day was done with the same stories. Every time I’ve seen the same scenes. Every moment I’ve took the same roads. So booooring…. WAITSS!!! Life is NOT like that..!! Let’s do some enjoyable activities. Life is a gift, life is a miracle thing, life is so short so that we need to savor its. Life is so beautiful so that we shall grateful for all of its. We are living in a GLORIOUS WORLD!

So, soon  I will tell you about my great-great activities during my life in this glorious world. First of all, I would like to share my amazing adventure on the next story…

Please be patient, there are lot of amazing stories I have done in every day… It happens and already become a part of my life.

Let’s the story begun…!