MG IV Pengantar Ekologi Lanskap 2017

14 03 2017

MG IV Pengantar Ekologi Lanskap 2017

MG IV Pengantar Ekologi Lanskap 2017


Week Date Topic PIC
I 14 Feb 2017 Introduction to Landscape Ecology HSA
II 21 Feb 2017 FOUNDATION:

Times Changes, Objective

III 28 Feb 2017 Development of Landscape Ecology;

Landscape Ecology Today

IV 7 Mar 2017 Patches KAS
V 14 Mar 2017 Edges and Boundaries  KAS
VI 21 Mar 2017 Mosaics SWI
VII 28 Mar 2017 Corridors and Connectivity  SWI
VIII Mid-term Exam (UTS)



  • Obyek yang memiliki sifat seperti PATCH, termasuk quilts (selimut), MOSAICS, tanah, bercak pada Dalmation, dan awan di atas langit.
  • Suatu permukaan area yang non-linear yang berbeda penampilannya dari area sekitarnya.
  • Bervariasi dalam ukuran, bentuk. tipe, heterogeneity, dan boundary characteristics.
  • Sering dikelilingi oleh MATRIX, yaitu area sekitar yang memiliki perbedaan struktur jenis atau komposisinya.



  • Land use – what is the minimum patch size needed to accomplish a particular objective?
  • What is the optimum patch size?
  • The answers to these questions are crucial to the understanding and management of landscape.
  • The primary characteristics considered are ecological: energy, mineral nutrients, and species. Others: the ability to operate planting and harvesting machinery, the distance to habitations and market, or topographic variation.


Materi MG IV Pengantar Ekologi Lanskap 2017

IV Landscape Structure – Patches KAS 2017



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