Jasa Agroekosistem Lanskap Pertanian

Kelas SS02 PPKU 2020
Perkuliahan Daring MK Pertanian Inovatif kelas SS02 PPKU 2020 pada hari Kamis 1 Oktober 2020 pukul 10.00-11.45 WIB

Jasa Agroekosistem Lanskap Pertanian adalah jasa ekosistem yang berbasiskan lanskap pertanian dalam arti luas. Materi ini diberikan pada perkuliahan MK Pertanian Inovatif Minggu IV dengan topik “Jasa Agroekosistem bagi Keberlanjutan Lanskap Pertanian”.

Sumber Bacaan:

Landscape context of ecosystem assets and services. Ecosystem accounting describes interactions of living organisms and components of the environment within specific geographical areas. Ecosystem assets and the services they provide to support human well-being are located spatially across the landscape (Keith et al 2017).

Satoyama landscape is composed of grassland, forest, and agroecosystems; It has a set of habitats for rich biodiversity and bundles of ecosystem services for human well-being under traditional management (Okuro et al 2019).

Ecosystem services are the conditions and processes through which natural ecosystems, and the species that make them up, sustain and fulfill human life. They maintain biodiversity and the production of ecosystem goods, such as seafood, forage timber, biomass fuels, natural fiber, and many pharmaceuticals, industrial products, and their precursors (Daily 1997).

Ecosystem goods (such as food) and services (such as waste assimilation) represent the benefits human populations derive, directly or indirectly, from ecosystem
functions (Costanza et al. 1997).

Materi ada 4:
1. Pengertian Jasa Agroekosistem,
2. Jenis-jenis Jasa Agroekosistem,
3. Pemanfaatan Jasa Agroekosistem , dan
4. Willingness to Pay (WtP).

Jasa Agroekosistem pada Lanskap Pertanian mencakup 4 klasifikasi (MEA 2005):
Regulating, dan
Cultural Services

Detilnya dapat dilihat pada video Pertanian Inovatif (IPB10C): Agroecosystem Services

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