22 02 2010

GIS for Sustainable Development

Michele Campagna
is lecturer in urban and regional planning in the Department of Land Engineering (DIT), Universit√° Degli Studi di Cagliari, Italy, where he teaches planning and GIS. His research focuses on GIS applications in urban, regional, and environmental planning, and on planning support systems.

In the second half of the 1990s, the GIS academic community has grown considerably in Europe. Many research conferences, workshops, summer schools, or other GI-related meetings were held, contributing to the creation of a multidisciplinary network of researchers sharing the common interest for GIScience, with the active participation of young researchers collaborating and sharing their achievements.
Thus I would like to acknowledge the work carried out by the following organizations: the European Science Foundation, for promoting the European Research Conferences on GIS; the Association of European Geographic Information Laboratories in Europe (AGILE), for organizing the annual conferences; the Centre for Spatially Integrated Social Sciences funded by the National Science Foundation, for the CSISS summer workshops; the Vespucci Initiative Founders, for the Vespucci summer schools; the, for the first summer school in GIScience; and the UNIGIS, for the international summer schools in GIS. All these initiatives contributed to stimulate not only scientific interest and research results exchanges, but also overall networking by early-career scientists. A special thank you goes to those individuals within or collaborating with these organizations for contributing to the success of these events.
It is within this framework that I was tempted by the challenge to have this established yet informal network of scientists, researchers, and GI practitioners discuss opportunities for GIS application in a cross-cutting field of utmost importance for our society such as sustainable development planning and decision-making by integrating our diverse perspectives in the present work. Most of the invited contributors gave immediate positive responses to the first call for expression of interest. They come mainly from European and North American academia, but also from the public and private sectors.
I am very grateful to the 44 contributors from Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, and the United States for taking the time and making the effort to write the chapters presenting their research results in light of the common topic of sustainable development, and for their valuable collaboration to the peer review.

Thanks to Max Craglia, Andrea De Montis, Giancarlo Deplano, Werner Kuhn, Ian Masser, Jonathan Raper, and two anonymous referees for their encouraging comments to the early project proposal and their advice and suggestions, which were essential for the editorial work.

Finally, I wish to thank Randi Cohen, Taisuke Soda, Yulanda Croasdale, Theresa del Forn, and Amy Rodriguez from Taylor & Francis for their kind support to the editorial project. – Michele Campagna – Cagliari, Italy.

I hope this e-book would be very useful!


Regan Leonardus

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