13 09 2017


Fundamentals of LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE is offered in order the students understand that outer space set up should be based on the right consideration with a background of knowledge about nature to reach human welfare and comfortable yet still provide the environmental sustainability. This lecture can give comprehension to students how the complete process of planning, designing, implementing until managing a landscape can be done with a functional and aesthetic approach.

The schedule of Practical Class for one semester as follow:

ARL200 MG 1 02

ARL200 MG 1 03

1. Definition of Landscape

Landscape is the face and character of the land/site that is part of the Earth with all the activities of life and everything in it; natural, non-natural or both, which is a part or the total of human living environment along with other beings, as far as the eye can see, as far as all our senses can catch and as far as the imagination can conjure.

2. Types of Landscapes

Pekarangan (Home Garden)
Roof Garden
Vertical Garden
Therapeutic Garden
Neighborhood Park
Community Park
Pocket Park
National Park
Urban Landscape
Rural Landscape
Agricultural Landscape
Historical Landscape
Forestry Landscape
Coastal Landscape
Mountainous Landscape
Tourism Landscape
Traffic Island

3. Scope of Landscapes


4. The 1st Week  Assignment

1.Students are assigned to make a synopsis about the explanation of the 1st week,

2.Synopsis is arranged individually,

3.Students choose one topic (one type of landscape),

4.The synopsis is written by hand writing in A4 paper, landscape layout, two pages, ENGLISH.

5.Synopsis format follows scientific writing IMRAD: Title, Introduction (Background and Objectives), Method, Result and Discussion.

6.The assignment should be reported before the 2nd week practical class begin. Late report will not be counted.

7.Contribution is 5% to Total 100%


Write down in your notebook, time 7,5 minutes, upload.
1. What did you know about “LANDSCAPE”?
2. What are your expectations about this PRACTICAL CLASS?
Please write down your answer in the comment below. Thank you.


Download the lecture material here:

MG PR 01 Introduction ENG ARL200 2017 KAS


The 2nd Week Assignment:

MG PR 02 Historical Landscape ENG ARL200 2017 KAS



34 responses to “Fundamentals of LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE”

13 09 2017
Aye Darli Theint (20:42:41) :

1. I know landscapes are the marvellous view of the nature and also the men-made beautiful features.Landscapes may include trees,shrubs, herbs,plants, hill, mountain,river,sea,lakes,ponds and etc.They may be natural or artificial.
2.My expectations are to be an outstanding landscape architect, to understand the rules of landscape architecture. and to create many beautiful landscapes.

14 09 2017
Ramdhan (03:03:21) :

I’m interested in Coastal landscape, I hope I can learn more from the great master of landscape: honorable Mr. Kaswanto.

14 09 2017
Majesta Esa Sofian A24130092 (10:14:05) :

1. Landscape talk all about outdoor ornaments and its combination. It not only about the small scale home garden but even includes a national park, also all about buildings, roads, and utilities. Landscape use an art and science approachment to make something aesthetic and functional.
2. I hope this course have more time to go outside for a field trip to learn one by one type of landscapes, not just inside campus learn.

14 09 2017
Siti Khadijah Binti Ajman (15:50:20) :

1. Landscape is an area of land (outside of building) with all activities and scenery of either natural, non-natural or both in it having a certain function and benefits to human living and other beings.

2. I hope with this practical class, I can learn and develop my drawing skill. And, with this practical class I hope it will conduct more field trip for us to go and see different type of landscape around Indonesia.

14 09 2017
Shun Maejima (F24178515) (18:42:02) :

1. When we think about landscape, it is important to keep balance between what it looks like and how functional it is. Landscape is including everything around us. So, it is deeply related to our life.

2. I would like to find something close to my major, which is international development. After finishing this class, I would like to see everything around me in terms of landscape architecture.

14 09 2017
Filzah Ghaisani Azra (A14160020) (22:21:51) :

1. I think landscape is all the nature and activites on he earth with all the animal, human, and everything inside, and not just advance the etential one but the functional too.

2. I hope i can really apply knowledge that i have about architecture lanscape, and make an indonesian structural better. Not because this structure not good, but i just want to fix several structure like maybe citypark with the bride full of flower inside.

14 09 2017
Vira Widya Kartika (A14160023) (22:59:50) :

1. As far as i know, lanscape is about an area that built by humans that contains art, science and it has the characteristic of a region. For me, the appreciation of lanscapes has always been, an intense visual experience, a delight in the complex of colours, shapes and textures, which can be explored, analysed, and interpreted as many different levels.

2. I was expect that after this practical class i would see everything around me with some architecture landscape perspective.

14 09 2017
Novia Sonery (A44160048) (23:20:04) :

1. I think landscape is everything that involves nature, such as homeyard, pekarangan, garden, citypark, national park, even to the earth scale. But it’s not just about the nature, it’s also the combination of the art and the functions and yes the nature it self. Where humans can involve as the improver even the creator.

2. I’m really expecting so much about this practical class. I expect to know more about landscape, to know the details, the history, and scope, and to understand all of those so one day I’ll be able to apply these knowledges weather to my job or to make my surroundings more more better

15 09 2017
Wakana Yamazaki(F24178516) (08:54:26) :

1. Landscape is a scene which we can see. It includes not only buildings and mountains but also soil, water, animals, sky and so on. There is a close relationship between landscape and our life.

2 This is my first time to learn about landscape, so I would like to learn and see many types of landscape.

15 09 2017
Yuka Kawasaki (134178502) (09:25:59) :

1.Landscape is a creation which include all element on the Earth. It effects animal, human, plant, topography, climate, soil, land use and so on. Landscape is designed by line, shape, size, color, and direction. Such elements are composed Landscape.
2.My expectation in this class is getting fundamental knowledge about Landscape Architecture. I’m interested in nature around our lives, so I hope this class will visit many places.

15 09 2017
Inne Noviatul Azizah (A14160049) (12:30:36) :

1. Landscape is all the nature in outside the building, correlete with walfare of human and animal
2. I hope i can understand with landscape lesson for my study in soil science. And i hope the practical class can be deliver with bahasa just little bit.

15 09 2017
Ezza Shafrie Saputra (14:23:36) :

1. Landscape is everything in the earth that human can see and everything in it.
2. my expectation is simple, i just want to understand what is landscape architecture, so i can do everything that in line with landscape architecture’s purposes.

16 09 2017
Sandra Yuri Andari (09:16:39) :

1. Landscape is an area which has many activities of human, animal, plant, and everything in it. Everything we can see and imagine can also be called by Landscape. Landscape is not only about the aesthetic, but also the ecology.
2. I hope I can improve my knowledges about architecture landscape and strengthen my basic in architecture landscape so it will be useful for my study in this 2 years.

16 09 2017
Vektor Firdaus (A44160008) (16:36:42) :

1. landscape is the land or area above the earth, include biotic and abiotic element such as plant, animal, stone, water, building, etc
2. i hope i can understand the lesson and make my knowledge about lanscape better than before, not only theory but also practice.

16 09 2017
Restu Arvi Irkham Syah_A44160040 (18:42:18) :

1. Landscape is any place and any objects in that place that have estetic and beautiful value. The place can built naturally and man-made. Landscape including mount, lake, river, beach, park, and any other place. Therefore, landscape must have ecology value.

2. I hope i can communicating with English goodly at this class and study about landscape more and more

17 09 2017
Melati Juwita Dewi (A44160030)) (00:11:26) :

1. landscape is a landform which includes the physical elements of geophysically such as hill, rivers, mountains,lakes and also living element including vegetation, animals and human.

2. my expectation in this class is get much of knowledge about landscape architecture, get new experience from others student and share it together.

17 09 2017
Medea Mega (A44169001) (08:17:39) :

1. Landscape is a combination of natural matters and artificial elements that formed into an environmental system that has a productive purpose and an aesthetic value as well.

2. My expectation from this class is so that I can learn about landscape generally and deeply

17 09 2017
Silvianti Mutiari (A44160057) (09:57:51) :

Silvianti Mutiari (A44160057)

1. Landscape is a combination of terrestrial and marine areas that can be utilized its beauty naturally and through human assistance. Landscape encompasses the whole state of nature on earth. Practically, landscape is an area we can see as far as the eye can see. Any sizes and shape is combined in landscape to make a beautiful view.

2. My expectation for this class is about to get some new experiances, new friends, and more of knowlage. I hope I can follow the class well and understand what has been explained.

17 09 2017
mustofa kamal (a44160002) (13:02:59) :

1. landscape is environment which can reached by our senses and become the object of architechture science especially in landscape architechture and it is including the soft materials such as animal And plant, and hard materials such as rock and water.
2. my expectation in this class i enrich my knowledge about landscape architechture

17 09 2017
Shavira Alfiana_A44160039 (16:17:31) :

1. I think landscape is an area on earth that is the environment of human life and other creatures with a wide scope of area, and formed by biotic aspects (human, animal, plant) and abiotic aspects (soil, rock, water, sun, etc). It’s all about place that we can see and feel.

2. In this class, I expect to know more about landscape architecture to improve my knowlegde and english for better, than can apply the lessons that i have learned. So, i hope this class will visit many places, not just only inner campus.

17 09 2017
Muhammad Farhan (17:13:49) :

1. All of everything that you can see in a region.

2. I think I can learn about Landscape Architecture in a places thats not in IPB only.

17 09 2017
Martha Debora Margaret (18:51:09) :

1. Landscape is an area with everything in it, everything you can see, everything you touch, everything you can imagine.

2. I hope I can understand what was landscape in practice

17 09 2017
Wahyu Fajar Setiawan (A14160026) (19:01:12) :

1. I think, landscape is science and art about designing architecture or something like plant, building, or other.

2. In my opinion, this practical class will improe me about architecture landscape with fieldtrip, discussion, or other.

17 09 2017
Muhammad Fadhil Rifqi AR (A44160055) (19:29:19) :

1.Landscape is everything in the nature that built naturally or not. Landscape is not only a view but it also can unites every aspects in the world, like social aspect, religious aspect, education aspect, and many more aspects

2. I hope i can know more about architecture landscape and i hope i can improve my english

17 09 2017
Aida Apriliani (A24150117) (19:52:04) :

1. Landscape is the area of land, the view of nature that we see, we heard, we feel, we imagine and contain about human, plant, animal, and all the component of nature. Supported by water, topography, climate, soil, land use, and geology. Also talk about the form of nature, features of nature, and forces which create the landscape. There are two elements which form the landscape, that is major element and minor element. Major element is the element which can’t be change by human for example is mountain and river. Meanwhile, minor element is the element which can be modified such as hill, forest, swamp, etc.

2. I hope this practical class can broaden my knowledge and experience about landscape architecture itself. I hope that by joining this class I can visit some example of magnificient landscape, not only in campus area, or Bogor area, maybe we can go to other city or even to other country? And one more I hope this class can help me to develop my English skill by communicate actively with other student wether International or local student (of course because this is English class) and help me to improve my confidency as well.

17 09 2017
Eva Muzdhalifah (A24150064) (20:05:48) :

1. landscape is the area of land which was built by human, that is caught as far as the eye can see and the other senses can feel.

2. in my opinion, in this landscape architectural practice we will learn how to design an area related to agriculture and parks.

17 09 2017
Nurbaeti Ningrum (A44160046) (20:19:46) :

1. I think the landscape is a field of science and art that studies the arrangement of space and mass in the open, by combining elements of natural or artificial landscapes

2. I hope this class gets closer and also I get deeper knowledge in the field of landscape architecture

17 09 2017
ilham mulia ramadhan (A44160012) (20:25:21) :

1. landscape is what we can see in the nature including every element and you can enjoy it
2. i hope i’d would like to practice the material for the real life, and i think i can lern much all about basically of landscape architectur, and i hope i can understand at all

17 09 2017
Bina Bonita Sinaga (A24150097) (20:48:54) :

1. Landscape is how to make the area of land to be use to be a place which have an aesthetic and function. it is about to make a design and useful.

2. My expectations after this class is I hope I can understand the material given to us. I can improve my english and one day I can create a useful and beautiful design.

17 09 2017
Mardianna ( A44160076 ) (22:55:54) :

1. Landscape is the area of land or field contains of biotic and abiotic elements naturally, and has own character it self which is influenced by same factors. The factors can be made by human behavior and also from the nature. Human behavior means is how the human interact wih the nature undirectly or directly, but not in planning or mananging way. If the landscape has been styled or planned by human, it called architecture landscape.
2. I hope in this class i can increase my knowledge about my major, landscape architecture, improve my english in listening, speaking, and writing. And i hope can change my mindset about architecture landscape in appropriate way.

17 09 2017
Lintang Roch Kinanthi (A24150043) (23:05:08) :

1. Landscape is area of land, it is a part of the earth with all the activities of life and everything in it.
2. I hope I can know about Landscape Architecture better than before and improve my drawing skills.

20 09 2017
Zin Mar Myint (21:16:59) :

What I knew about landscape is not too much and accurate. Landscape is such an area of land in which such landscape elements as living elements: animals including human beings and non-living ones are gathered naturally or in man-made action. It is measured by the visible power of the eyes.
I expect to advance my knowledge about landscape architecture, and to utilize it in making my very first garden in my home and to promote the aesthetic value of environment in my community.

25 09 2017
Elan mahatma A24150066 (13:02:42) :

Landscape is the horizon as far eyes can see, and mind can imagine. There is many kind of landscape: urban landscape, rural landscape, agricultural landscape, parks etc.
My interest from studying in practical class is to learn about agricultural landscape and parks. Because as an agronomy and horticulture student I want to build a flower park like Taman Bunga Nusantara or so.
Arigatou, hatur nuhun :)

18 02 2018
social app (16:47:47) :

I’m amazed, I have to admit. I bet you do crossword puzzles in ink. This is just what I was searching for! I’m impressed, I must say. This has been a great experience!

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