Fundamentals of Landscape Architecture

21 10 2017

Fundamentals of Landscape Architecture explains the science of landscape architecture that includes landscape architecture historical around the world and Indonesia; knowing some scales, characters, and landscape quality; learning landscape plants; knowing several technologies that used in landscape architecture; explain the process of landscape planning, design, and management; knowing ethics and policies that have strong connection with landscape architecture.


Fundamentals of Landscape Architecture

Learning Outcome (LO)

After finishing this lecture, the students can describe landscape architecture science generally and comprehensively; the students can possibly understand landscape architecture profession; and the students can understand the use of information technology in landscape architecture


Definition of Landscape

The face and character of the land/site that is part of the Earth with all the activities of life and everything in it; natural, non-natural or both, which is a part or the total of human living environment along with other beings, as far as the eye can see, as far as all our senses can catch and as far as the imagination can conjure.


The Weekly Lecture Materials

Wk 01 Introduction ARL200 2017

Wk 02 History of LA Development ARL200 2017

WK 03 Scoup and Scale of LA ARL200 2017

Wk 04 Landscape Quality & View ARL200 2017

Wk 05 Landscape Character ARL200 2017

Wk 06 Tropical Landscape 2017

Wk 07 Plants and Planting Design ARL200 2017




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