Ebook Landscape Guide

23 11 2016
Ebook - Landscape Guide

Ebook – Landscape Guide

Ebook Landscape Guide can be read online for free. Here is the link:



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Introduction to Guide (Ebook – Landscape Guide)

The HDB Landscape Guide was conceived to provide broad coverage on the important HDB design principles and requirements for consultants to note during the design process. Following the public housing design guide for landscape published in 2005, this new manual provides the necessary updates to keep in step with the current focus and needs. It aims to offer a comprehensive understanding of HDB landscapes as well as design factors to consider across three sections.
The first section describes the history of HDB landscape design, as well as the current design practice. It outlines key landscape design principles based on the values of community, environment and aesthetics, setting the tone for the rest of the book. The second section gives an overview of the types of landscape spaces in HDB developments, and illustrates various hard- and softscape considerations for each type of space. As equally important as new developments, considerations for the upgrading of mature estates are also described. In the last section, topics of landscape facilities and structures, softscape design, and designing with mature trees are elaborated in detail. Relatively new concepts of water-sensitive urban design, rooftop greenery and vertical greenery are also described. ‘Good practices’ have been highlighted for consultants’ reference, and design process flowcharts, which suggest ways the designer can approach a topic, are included.
This book was written to serve as a helpful guide and inspiration for designers, not only for landscaping of HDB projects but beyond.
Fong Chun Wah
Group Director (Development & Procurement Group)
Housing & Development Board



Landscape design has been and will continue to be an integral and significant component of public housing development. This is especially so as HDB has to build in an increasingly dense environment. Greenery and well landscaped public spaces give us visual respite, cool the urbanscape and provide great recreational spaces for our residents and the community.
More than 50 years ago, HDB landscaping began as simple greening with the provision of basic amenities. However, with rising expectations of residents, the emphasis on creating a more liveable environment and a greater focus on sustainability, new standards for landscape design have been established in HDB estates. A greater variety of facilities and structures such as playgrounds, community gardens and gathering places have been included to cater to residents needs. At the same time, softscape design or planting has taken on a vital role in not only providing shade, but enhancing the quality of space. New concepts such as water-sensitive urban design, skyrise greenery and biodiversity are now part of landscape plans.
Through good design, public landscape areas contribute to the creation of endearing homes for residents and provide conducive spaces to foster community ties, making living in an HDB estate an enjoyable experience. Given the importance of landscape design, this HDB Landscape Guide has been compiled to guide architects and landscape architects in the design of both the hard and soft landscapes. The guide is built upon HDB’s past experiences and provides useful tips to the designer. I hope that this guide will serve as useful reference and help to raise the quality of landscape design in HDB developments. And, given the massive scale of HDB developments, we can contribute to the greening of Singapore.
Dr. Cheong Koon Hean
Chief Executive Officer
Housing & Development Board



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