City Song of Higashi Hiroshima City

14 04 2010

In Japan, each district and city have their own song. The song is became their identity and also give many spirits for local community to develop their own area.  In Higashi-Hiroshima City, the place where I stay, has an interesting song that you can see on above picture and I also provide its translation below here. You also can see the real song in Japanese Character, so for those who understand it, you would say it’s so cool.. :-)

Writer: Masataka Danjo
Composition: Ikuo Sekino

Green is opening abundantly.
Morningtide in a plateau in Kamo


We’re the hand popular new.
A town of a request isn’t established.
Down boundless sunlight.
Conspicuously, oh, Higashi-hiroshima

License and truth are being asked.
Name ZO in Gakuen-toshi is expensive.


Please be popular with a natural favor body.
Food at the heart isn’t brought up.
Down eternal peace.


作詞 檀上 正孝
作曲 関野 幾生

緑ゆたかに ひらけゆく
賀茂の台地の 朝ぼらけ

おお こ こに

われらが手もて 新しき
希望の街を うち立てん
限りなき 陽光のもとに
栄えあれ 東広島

自 由と真理を 求めゆく
学園都市の 名ぞ高き

おお ここに

自然の恵み 身にうけて
心の糧を はぐくまん
永 遠の 平和のもとに
誇りあれ 東広島



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18 01 2011
เพลงใหม่ (11:55:55) :

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29 01 2011
reganleonardus (18:47:16) :

You are welcome. Please stop by anytime…

19 09 2017
Hae (22:03:48) :

Is that the similar automobile as the a person inside of the museum Choice wheelstires and coves are black within the aged pic and white upon the museum car or truck.

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