[BRIAN TRACY] 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires

25 02 2010

E-book ini sangat menarik untuk dibaca karena akan memotivasi kita untuk menjadi milyuner dengan cara yang mudah. Ada 21 cara yang dijelaskan oleh Brian Tracy, dan semuanya sangat mudah dilakukan. Problemnya hanyalah “apakah Anda mau melakukannya?”

Para sahabat dan rekan blogger yang berbahagia, segera isi waktu luang Anda dengan membaca ebook ini. Tersedia juga audio-booknya yang bisa didownload pada link di bawah ini. E-book dan Audio-book ini disajikan dengan Bahasa Inggris yang mudah dicerna dan dipahami. Silahkan dimanfaatkan.



Hello, I’m Brian Tracy and welcome to this program. What you are about to learn can change your life. These ideas, insights and strategies have been the springboards to financial success for millions of men and women, from every walk of life. These principles are simple, effective and fairly easy to apply. Each of them is based on exhaustive research and interviews with thousands of self-made millionaires. They have been tested and proven over and over again, and they will work for you if you will take them and apply them in your own life.

We are living at the greatest time in all of human history. More people are becoming wealthy today, starting from nothing than has ever been imagined. There are more than five million millionaires in America, most of them self-made, and the number is growing by 15% to 20% each year. We even have self-made ten millionaires, hundred millionaires and more than two hundred billionaires. We have never seen this type of rapid wealth creation in all of human history.



5 responses to “[BRIAN TRACY] 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires”

10 03 2010
Frokostordning (08:30:58) :

Hmm that’s interessting but actually i have a hard time understanding it… I’m wondering what others have to say….

22 03 2010
Life Secrets To Success (04:46:13) :

Brian Tracy is a great teacher of success.

Are there real life secrets to success? I believe there is a super inspiration in all of us to seek out the secret to success in what ever we do in life. Ask and you shall receive

27 12 2010
therma cuts (10:51:57) :

Excellent article i am sure that i will come back here soon

1 06 2011
anonihola (11:07:05) :

I agree, it’s unusual, probably next

19 09 2017
Nancy (22:13:21) :

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