Best Poster Symposium LISAT 2016

Best Poster Symposium LISAT 2016
Best Poster Symposium LISAT 2016

Best Poster Symposium LISAT 2016

Carbon Stock and Plants Biodiversity of Pekarangan in Cisadane Watershed West Java

Tatag Aisyah Filqisthia1 and Regan Leonardus Kaswanto1

1Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Agriculture, Bogor Agricultural University

aCorresponding Author

Telp: +62 856 9740 3739

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Abstract. The climate change has caused the uncertainties in human life, which impacts the food security. The presence of vegetation in Pekarangan can be proposed to mitigate global climate change impacts by CO2 sequestration and at the same time to promote the availability of food for the community. Pekarangan is one of the small landscape agroforestry system that have functions in terms of economic, social, and ecological. Management of landscape services in pekarangan will reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions, which mean create a low carbon society (LCS) that support the food security. The aims of this research is to calculate carbon stock and biodiversity in pekarangan, and to compare carbon stock and biodiversity on three levels of Cisadane Watershed. Four groups of Pekarangan defined on a purposive random sampling. Those four groups are G1 (Pekarangan size less than 120 m2 and doesn’t have other agricultural land (no other agricultural land – OAL), G2 (<120 m2 with OAL < 1000 m2), G3 (120-400 m2 with no OAL) and G4 (120-400 m2 with OAL < 1000 m2). Allometric models were developed to estimate aboveground biomass of vegetation, and an inventory was conducted in 48 pekarangan. Shannon Weiner Index (H’) and Margalef Index (Dm) are used  to evaluate biodiversity, averaged 2,84 and 5,10 (G1); 2,55 and 4,27 (G2); 2,56 and 4,52 (G3); 2,68 and 4,84 (G4), while carbon stock averaged 33,20 Mg Carbon/ha (G1); 29,97 Mg/ha (G2); 59,18 Mg/ha (G3); and 40,98 Mg/ha (G4). There is no relationship between biodiversity with carbon stock on pekarangan (R2 = 0,02), or tree’s biodiversity with carbon stock (R2 = 0,23). High resolution satellite imagery can be used to extrapolate carbon stock and plants biodiversity of Pekarangan at watershed level.

Keywords: biodiversity, carbon stock, low carbon landscapes, watershed management

Bersama Ketua Panitia Dr. Yudi Setiawan
Bersama Ketua Panitia Dr. Yudi Setiawan (ki-ka: Tatag Aisyah, Dr. Kaswanto, Dr. Yudi Setiawan, Afifa Karima)