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20 12 2010

Magic Eye

Here are some easy pictures to get a 3D view. I bet you can do it in just 20 seconds or less. Almost everyone took this picture and got 3D in very easy way. You can try using many methods, and I guarantee you will absolutely got 3D view in a short time.

The 3D stereogram widely known as Magic Eye 3D is different from other 3D pictures or technologies as no special viewing aids are required to see Magic Eye 3D pictures. By training your eye muscles to behave in a certain way, a 3D image will magically appear. Magic Eye 3D pictures are single-image stereogram specially made to trick the human brain into perceiving a three-dimensional (3D) scene in a two-dimensional image. Magic Eye 3D picture creates illusion of depth into a two dimensional image thus when you view a Magic Eye 3D picture in proper way you will see a clear 3D picture hidden inside the two dimensional image. When we see an object which is nearer to us we shorten our focus and again when we see distant objects we lengthen our focus, in a magic eye picture you also have to shorten and lengthen your focus to see the whole 3D view and thus you got the illusion of depth.

The answers are in the bottom of this post.

For more interesting 3D pictures, please visit here http://www.magiceye3ds.com/

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The Answer is:

Please try another one:

Please enjoy it!!!



5 responses to “3D Pictures”

20 12 2010
albuquerque hotel (14:44:48) :

keren banget gambar 3D nya,,,

jadi pengen belajar,,,

tapi kayanya susah banget,,,=_=’

4 01 2011
kids math games (05:27:34) :

pass it on

17 01 2011
kathy (17:52:50) :

how do i join

29 01 2011
reganleonardus (18:48:02) :

Just click subscribe account in the left side. Welcoming…!!

20 09 2017
Thomasine (02:09:13) :

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