Meso Scale in Landscape Ecology

3 05 2018



Meso Scale in Landscape Ecology  untuk Minggu X menjelaskan mengenai:

  1. Introduction
  2. Fractal Dimension
  3. Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  4. Remote Sensing (RS)
  5. Case Studies



  • It is important to immediately clarify that the study of the landscape requires metrics but also additional tools like Databases, Spatial Statistics, Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing Techniques and Global Positioning Systems, that are used in many other circumstances.
  • These methodologies are applied in geology, geography, navigation, agronomy, climatic economics and social sciences, forecasting,
  • At least 4 methodological approaches to study landscape metrics: 1) numerical analysis, 2) spatial analysis, 3) multiscalar analysis and 4) spatial modeling analysis.


Patch  Distance

The measurement of distances can be done according a selection of possibilities:

  1. from each patch to all the adjacent neighbors of each patch.
  2. from a patch to all others of the same group,
  3. from each patch to the single nearest patch of a different group,
  4. from a patch of a specific group to another patch of a specific group (Figure . 8.5 and Table 8.6).



The GIS appears indispensable for most landscape investigations like:

  • Land use change
  • Vegetation patterning
  • Animal distribution across the landscape
  • Linking remote sensing with topography
  • Modeling processes across the landscape



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Meso Scale in Landscape Ecology